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  • A Qualified Supporter for Defense & Aerospace industries

Cable/Wire Harness

Cable/Wire Harness

Wire Harness is
Also known as Cable Harness, Wire Assembly or Cable Assembly, is a unit that have consolidated the wire, connectors and other components which function to route the power and electrical signal inside the system.
Since its main role is to control multiple electronics in the system, it is very important for the technician to be have professional knowledge in soldering, housing and distribution, which is a main area that affects the quality of the system.
Caphmicro manufactures high quality Wire harness that meets the IPC-A-620D requirement, a well-known international test standard and soldering specification, and are able to test the final product using Wire/Cable Harness Test Equipment (MHT-705) to test continuity, contact resistance, insulation resistance, withstand voltage for product integrity.

Distribution Panel

Relay Matrix Panel

Signal Cable

External cable


Ground test equipment